Friends always ask me what was the worst shoot I’ve ever had, and NKOTB is right up there.  It wasn’t because they had bad music, were annoying, or had insane security issues that were impossible to go through.  Rather, it was ALL due to their lack of professionalism.

Their management loved my work with George Michael’s FAITH Tour and hired me to give them the same TLC.  I spent most of the day chasing them around trying to get them to settle down and focus.  Everything took twice as long and it was so frustrating.  They loved the success of George, but did not get the fact that George was easy to shoot, always gave his best, and did NOT act like a 2 year old.  I asked management to step in and help, but they had no control either.  So in the end, we got half of what we had planned done, I was not happy with them, and they went off into their biggest year ever!