cc_phase oneIts a digital world and its better than ever.  I have not shot a roll of film for over 10 years.  I think about it a lot, but it just seems like too much work.  I have no desire  to go old school and don’t plan on it.  I love my digital photography more than ever.  It all started over 10 years ago when I tried my first Phase One back and I haven’t looked back.  I bought my Hasselblad H1 and P25 Digital Back together and it cost me a small fortune.

I have love Phase One & their software Capture One from day one.  To be honest I haven’t tried anything else since, no need to and it does everything I want.  I love the software cuz it does so much, but at the same time, its so simple.  I’ve tried Canon cameras as well, but I prefer the medium format size.  My P25 back is old compared to today’s Phase One backs, but it still does the job and does it well.

A couple more things about the Capture One software… First, they work hard to make improvements regularly and that is a cool thing.  Second, seriously there is no other software out there does it like Capture One.  Lightroom, boo hoo!  Last, the quality of all Phase One’s products are really good and you can see that they put a lot of passion into everything they do, but I wish they made the software for free.  Just saying.