Have you noticed everyone is a photographer now?  Have you noticed more photos are take now than ever in the history of mankind?  Have you noticed how many photos you take in a day?  Well I have.  It blows my mind when I think about the amount of photos taken everyday all because of the phone!  NOT the camera, the phone.  

Every year Apple announces a new iPhone and the camera is usually what has all the improvements.  The phone part hasn’t changed or improved in like forever.  We still get dropped calls, but the camera can shoot 4k video!!  It’s crazy!  This is photography today.  I laugh when ever anyone asks me about what camera to buy?  I ask them if they own and iPhone.  The answer is yes about 95% of the time.  Then I say there you go!  That’s ALL you need.  

There are so many apps, plugins and filters it’s stupid.  What used to take me hours in a darkroom to create now takes a second with a filter.  SO not fair.  Photographers today have it SO fucking easy.  Back in my day we had to focus!  We had to actually know what we were doing.  There was NO automatic anything.  Everything was manual.  OMG I sound like an old fuck!

I’ll wrap this rant up by say this… I have loved photography since forever.  I love it more today than ever.  I’ve never been afraid of change.  Technology doesn’t scare me.  What bothers me most is how every photographer looks the same because everyone has the same camera.  Most photographers photos is boring to me.  Nobody is pushing the envelope.  Nobody is unique or special.  I guess this is what getting old is all about.  Been there, seen that and got photos to prove it.