I had many shoots with the Chili Peppers back in the day.  But, this by far was one of my favorites.  It was for a magazine called Detour stationed here in LA.  I was asked by my friend/music editor Erin to shoot the boys for a story she was working on.  Easy, right?

We shot in a studio in Hollywood on a very hot day and we had NO air conditioning.  It was brutal.  We opened up windows, doors and turned on every fan we could find.  We were doing well until the end when it got to be too much.  Eventually, we cut the shoot short.  The guys were amazing as always, the easiest band ever to shoot.

However, we had one more shot to do and we were having fun.  Anthony asked Erin if he could buy her dress that she was wearing.  Chad and John stripped down to be casual.  The next thing I know, I’m getting tapped on the shoulder from behind and I turn around to see Flea butt naked!  He asked, “Can wear this outfit?”  I said, “Of course!  Whatever you want is fine by me.”  Then we started shooting and things got funny.  Everyone was jumping around and everything was flying around, if you know what I mean.

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