Super excited to share something special with you.  While I was in Australia from November 2022 to January 2023 I did a super fun project for Rolling Stone OZ magazine.  This time around I shot a story on Escorting in Australia.  I shot 8 Escorts who are based in Sydney and work in Australia.  I did all 8 shoots on location to keep it simple.  I did what I do best… simple portraits of beautiful subjects.

I had so much fun meeting and shooting each girl.  They were all super nice and laughed at my dumb jokes.  ;-)  Each girl was amazing and I consider each of them a good friend.  I am not new to the business of Escorting so I did these shoots with ALL the respect they deserved.  Each girls life story was unique, special and inspiring.

After each shoot I interviewed each girl for my Podcast show Greatest Hits.  A simple conversation about their work and life.  Kind of like a first date, but recorded.  I want to thank each girl for their time, energy and honesty.  I also want to thank Rolling Stone oz/nz magazine for the opportunity to shoot a great portrait series.  I wish we could have done more.  Maybe someday we can do part two?

LAST… I will be dropping Podcast episodes twice a week starting June 13th at 8am PST.  You can check them out HERE or at my Soundcloud page.