YO!  I love helping friends and helping anyone who needs help.  My good friends at Roots Creative are doing something special and I couldn’t pass up the chance to help.

First… let me explain Roots Creative!  They’re a collective platform for CREATIVES!  They believe community and collaboration is the backbone of creativity so they run roots with that mindset.  They love featuring up and coming artists, setting up meet-ups and selecting insanely talented artists to feature on their print store!

The Roots Creative print store gives creatives a platform to sell art collectively!  They know it can be hard on a sole creative to go through the whole process alone, so they’re making that step easier while also doing good.  25% of all profits go to a different charity every month and the rest of the 75% goes directly to the artist!

Second… This months charity is SAHAITA!!!  SAHAITA is a 100% volunteer run organization helping underprivileged members of society through healthcare and education initiatives as well as humanitarian relief.  Noticing the overwhelming rates of Punjab farmer suicide, SAHAITA has been supporting Punjab farmer families since 2015 through a number of means.  Such as covering the cost of education as well as offering food rations in order to decrease the financial strain on these families that often leads to such a tragic end.  They’re currently working proactively to prevent suicide via grassroots mediation.

Last… I’ve donated this iconic framed print of Nirvana!  All you have to do is head over to rootscreatives.bigcartel.com and enter the raffle and secure your shot at this print. 100% of all profits will be donated to SAHAITA!  Print dimensions: 23×23 inches.  How can you not want this print on your wall and help a great charity?  Get busy yo!