There was a time when vinyl, LP’s and singles were everything to me.  I had a massive collection.  And I mean MASSIVE!!!  I started collecting when I was a kid and could not stop.  Then in 1989 I discovered Sub Pop Records from Seattle.  I was hooked from day one!  I started buying everything I could find.  Limited editions, singles club and rare pressings.

Then I was lucky enough to go up to Seattle for a job and I reached out to the owners Bruce Pavitt & Jonathan Poneman.  They were nice enough to meet with me.  I told them I was a big fan of what they were doing, loved the music, understood the vision and told them if they ever needed a photographer to let me know.  They already had the great Charles Peterson & Michael Levine shooting for them.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get in, BUT I was lucky enough to shoot The Afghan Whigs and they used some of those shots for the album Congregation!  Honesty, the biggest honor ever!!!

Both Bruce and Jonathan were always nice to me.  These were the lean times before Nirvana broke and both of them were struggling, but I loved it.  They sold me rare test pressings to pay their bills.  They knew I was serious about collecting and loved everything they released.  By the time I was done in 1992 I had owned everything they made and more.  I was proud of my collection, but I felt I reached the peak so I decided to sell it ALL to Eddie Vedder.  I knew he would appreciate the collection and take care of it.  To this day I wonder if Eddie ever listens to any of it. #GoodTimes #Grateful #SubPop