There is too much of everything.  AND I mean everything.  Just name something, anything and there is too much of it.  I’ll speak on photography and music.  Everyone is a photographer who has an iPhone.  Anyone can make music with a laptop.  There’s just too much content and too many content creators.  Am I wrong?

Think about how much content is created everyday and consumed everyday.  Think about how much is good and how most of it is bad.  We live in a world where content is king, but the old saying distribution pays the kings mortgage is so true.  Everyday I feel bombarded by content when looking at my social accounts.  I feel like I’m seeing forgettable shit more than good shit.  I just know there’s too much shit.

Music and photography is just content.  There are few exceptions, but they are very hard to find.  Like real hard.  When you do find the exception… hold on and don’t let go.  I know some young brilliant photographers and musicians who’s work is nothing less than GREAT.  I just feel bad for them cuz getting real serious work & attention is harder now than ever.  NOT easy.