I wanna talk about a couple things I learned on this trip.  Actually I learned a lot, but want to focus on two.  In Sydney I learned that I gotta think bigger and do bigger.  Aussies have a tendency to think small and do small.  I always think BIG!  I can let them get into my head and think small.  Make sense?

In New Zealand I learned that I can inspire people and that makes me smile.  I had amazing conversations with young photographers, musicians and creatives.  I gave advice, asked questions, listened to their dreams and give some simple advice.  After I was told that they loved my passion, curiosity and stories.  What a feeling!!!  It made me feel warm and fuzzy.

I’ve always been about living and learning.  My goal in life from day one was to learn everything about everything.  AND have fun learning it.  My life has been amazing and as you know I got the photos to prove it.  I have used photography to learn about life and love.  I wanna know more.  Teach me please!!!