cc_believeWhat do you believe to be true?  What do you believe to your deepest core?  What and who do you believe in?  Do you believe in yourself?  I think about this shit a lot.  I think about too much about too much as you can tell.  A very good friend of mine and I were having a conversation about this very thing last week.  Of course after we did it got me thinking.  Fuck me I think too much.  UGH!  Here’s what I believe…

I believe… Honesty is the best policy.

I believe… The Dodgers & Lakers will always suck!

I believe… That true love is the answer to everything.

I believe… Life is not easy.

I believe… Buster Posey is the best player in the MLB.

I believe… Drugs can be good if you’re smart about it.

I believe… You can always be better!

I believe… Manners go a long way.

I believe… Being grateful is key to a good life.

I believe… Donald Trump will make this country what it once was… An Arctic Region.  (this one is an old Steven Martin joke, but he said it about Ronald Reagan)