I’ve been asked this a lot.  Like too many times.  My usual answer is… does it matter & who’s to say?  So I thought I would take the time and give my opinion and thoughts.  Of course the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Of course it’s all just my opinion.  My basic thought is there some basic things that make a great photo.  The 3 basic words are honesty, passion and creative.

Honesty – I love when a photograph feels honest.  That the photographer and subject are being true to themselves.  

Passion – I pour everything into my art.  I have been giving my art everything since forever.  I love a passionate artist and when that artist can gives their art everything they have it comes through.  You can see and feel it!

Creative – Of course!  I like things simple.  I like my art, photos and music simple.  And that can be creative!

In conclusion… It’s easy!!!  Speak the truth with passion and be creative as fuck with ALL your photos!!!  Yup yup!


PS.  The cover photo is of my hero Richard Avedon.  He always made great photos and was my biggest inspiration.