With quarantine I started something new.  I started smoking weed at the end of the day to chillax.  I’ve never been a weed guy.  I did not smoke weed until I was 30.  I did everything else before weed.  Basically I went backwards.  Weed wasn’t the gateway drug, it was more the end of the line drug.

I’ve always liked it and had no real issues with it.  Through the years I liked taking a couple hits and then clean my apartment.  I’m not the type to sit on a couch and do nothing.  Not me.  I like to work and weed slows me down.  BUT smoking at the end of the day is kind of nice.  When my work is DONE!

I don’t know a lot about the types of weed there is.  Seems like its seriously complicated these days.  It’s great to have friends who know everything about weed.  I just listen to them and thanks to WeedMaps everything gets delivered.  I’m thinking WeedMaps is my second favorite app after the Starbucks app.