Pearl Jam – ‘Jeremy’

Back in 1991, I directed my first video with a new band out of Seattle called Pearl Jam.  I had worked on many sets with some of the best music video directors in the biz.  So I thought to myself, “I can do this!”  Thanks to Eddie Vedder and the band, I was able to work along side the great D.P. Martin Coppen.  The video was shot in two days and post production was done at the legendary Propaganda Films.  I’m still proud of this video till this day and the end result speak for itself.  I think it’s pretty good and holds up to the test of time.

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  • Fucking classic!

  • Soulsberry

    The video is not playing. Please check. Thanks.

    • Chris

      Make sure you have the right Quicktime Plug-ins.  Works just fine!  Thank you!

  • Fuggi

    I’m a rock music video DJ and played and seen thousands of videos from the 60s to present over thousands of gigs. That being said, this is a very well done video – the black and white and movement lend itself well to the song’s imagery.  I can’t believe Epic didn’t like this video! 

  • guest

    don’t know how to make sure i have the right plug -ins.  wish I could watch it!

  • guest

    Doesn’t work with the new version of Flash.

    • G0rd0n

      Thankfully this plays on iPhone. Thank you for making it publicly available, Chris.

  • Jbrooks

    Great job.  Sorry that it wasn’t commercially successful.  I don’t know anything about the music business . . . but I’m sure that, like most industries, the decision makers are mostly half-tards . . . .  

  • B Dijkman

    Does not play in IE9 or Chrome. Bummer.

  • Enjoyed this.  Nice work, Chris.  As others, I couldn’t see it on chrome or firefox, but worked well on safari.  Cheers, Brad

  • Anelisse99

    Great video! I think is still valuable, and more people should see it. Appreciate the effort , as a PJ fan this is a piece of art. The band remains real and I think the video captures their essence. Good job Chris, 21 years later you still deserve the recognition. Regards from Panama

  • Julie Farman

    So good to see this again!

  • Fishbonefan

    Audio but no video. Firefox 14.0.1

  • Seumas

    If the video doesn’t play in your browser, just right click and save it. It’s just an mp4. It’ll play in VLC or mplayer. Hope this helps! :)

  • Vital5

    Maybe of they used your Jeremy clip we might have seen more videos between Jeremy and Do the Evolution.. Imagine that… Things might have been so different for the band over the years :o

  • Francesca la Rouge

    Ottimo lavoro.

george michael