Around 30 years ago I heard the quote “If you play with babies, you’ll get peed on”.  It rang so loud and so true in so many ways!  Basically it means if you work with young people, you will get disappointed.  It’s happened to me more times than I can count.  Like too many times.  I trust a youngster and BANG, disappointed.  UGH!  

Through the years I’ve tried to mentor, guide, advise and support any young talent that reaches out.  I try my best to to only help when asked.  Not a fan of unsolicited advice from me or to me.  I have lots of young friends and when I say young I mean under the age of 35.  Mostly I’m talking about the 20 somethings.

In the last few months I have been peed on by a few too many youngsters.  I’ve loaned them money, let them borrow gear from me and done shoots for them.  All I got in return… silence, disappointed and regret.  What bothers me most is that I’m pretty clear with them my simple rules before the games begin.  Communication is everything.  AND of course they don’t listen and don’t talk.  Ugh.  I know, I know… it’s my fault for helping, but it still sucks.

In conclusion… Listen up kids… problems do NOT get resolved if you do NOT communicate.  It’s doesn’t get better if you just hide and think I will forget.  I know now I will NOT trust you ever again and I will let everyone know you can’t be trusted.  I also will not help any other babies cuz of you.  I’m too old and tired.  I’m so over immature, self centered and lazy behavior.  Nice to meet you on your way up and I will see you on your way down.  Fuck, I sound old.  UGH!