cc_artwhite4You need paying clients to stay in business.  You need clients to help you get better and pay for all the crazy free shoots you really want to do.  SO please don’t fuck this relationship up by thinking you are better than they are or your work is too good for their business.  So, check your ego at the door and help your client get what they need.  A happy client is a good client.  The client is NOT always right, but they are key to be successful and prosperous.

I’ve always had this basic rule when working for someone… Listen to what they want, get what they need and treat them with respect no matter what the budget is.  You gotta give them 100% even if you are only getting 25% of your fee.  I believe in giving your best no matter what the job is.  The client always appreciates that.  No matter what the job is you will always learn from it.

I can tell you stories from clients telling me about other photographers who ruined their jobs because they had attitude, thought they were to good for the job and would NOT listen.  They told the client what they needed and that is NOT what a client wants to hear.  Don’t forget who signs the checks!

One last thing… You need to remember, if the client is grateful and happy with the results… they’ll call back and hire you again.  Even better they will recommend you to others.  That is how you stay in business and have fun.  I know for a fact if you do the best job possible they will come back for more and if not… You know in your heart you did your best.