cc_artwhite8You got the job and you’ve prepared for the big day!  Its finally here!  Woo hoo!  Now what?  Some basic things to consider.  I alway ask myself these questions before I roll out the door… Do I have all my gear cleaned and ready?  Is my computer for capture good to go?  Do I have my list of ideas?  Do I know where I’m going and who I’m shooting?  If I have all the answers then I’m on my way!

Once I get to the shoot I like to talk with my client and make sure we are on the same page and I know what they need for the day.  Then I talk with my crew and give them directions.  I always wanna be clear with my crew and make sure they know the plan.  Communication is everything on shoot day for everyone.

The client and my talent are good to go.  No mater who I’m shooting I like to make sure I tell them the plan for the day.  That way they have a clear idea of what I’m looking for from them.  I believe that when everyone knows whats going on it makes it easier.  Communication is key to everything!  Make sure your crew is good to go.

Now that you’re rolling and everyone is working… Thank God for digital cuz we get to see the work in progress.  Always check with your client and make sure they’re happy.  If there is time at the end of the shoot ask your client if you can try something new.  Sometimes its a big surprise and the client loves it!  Its nice to give them something they didn’t think of, but only if you have the time!!!!

In the end, wrap everything up!  Do NOT leave the studio or location without cleaning up after yourself and backing up ALL your digital files.  I’m super paranoid when it comes to backing up and never leave without doing it.  If you did your job right and got everything your client wanted then you had a great day!  Make sure you say thank you to everyone!!!  Be grateful always.