You gotta have FAITH, at least that’s what I was told way back in 1988.  Here’s 10 great moments I had with George Michael and the FAITH Tour.  Not in any real order, but just some fun moments that I will always be grateful for and never forget.

  1. Faith video shoot – my first shoot with George!!  Such a great video and shoot.  
  2. Publicity shoot for the Faith Album – Shot all over downtown LA!  Those photos have become iconic!  Like wow!
  3. Father Figure video shoot – 4 long days of shooting that almost killed me.  Meeting Tony Scott for the first time.
  4. First concert in Sydney, Australia – My first trip to OZ and my first show with George!
  5. One More Try video shoot – Shot in the Blue Mountains at some old hotel.  An amazing experience for sure.  AND Tony Scott directed.
  6. Detroit concert with Aretha Franklin – Meeting & shooting Aretha!  Holy fuck it was awesome!!!
  7. Hawaii concert with Elton John – Meeting and shooting the show with Elton.  AND having dinner with Elton and George!!!
  8. Editing photos w/George – Many times I would meet with him to go over photos.  Always had great conversations and good laughs.
  9. Kissing A Fool video shoot – Shot in Vancouver!!  I was so hung over from the night before, but I think everyone was.
  10. Hawaii party!!! – Changed my life!