cc_musicmoviesI love music and I love movies and I love music movies.  Movies that feature bands, musicians and great music.  I have so many that I love and many that I hate.  This list is all about the ones that make me smile.  Here’s my 10 favorite music movies that rock my world…

  1. Hard Days Night – By far the greatest music movie of all time.  The Beatles and director Richard Lester at their best!  One of my biggest influences.
  2. Sid & Nancy – A brilliant performance by Gary Oldham makes this movie shine.  You know how its going to end, but you still watch anyways.
  3. Singles – So many great memories from this grunge movie.  Another great soundtrack and the premiere party in LA was epic!
  4. 8 Mile – It was Eminem’s breakout and has a great soundtrack.
  5. Help! – The Beatles follow up to Hard Days Night was super fun and of course the soundtrack rules.
  6. Almost Famous – Simply brilliant.  Love this movie in every way.  The first time I saw it I cried, because I could relate to the kid and his passion for music.
  7. Control – Anton Corbijn’s great movie about Joy Division.  An awesome movie with great music & performances.
  8. Saturday Night Fever – Not about a band or musician, but its about music.  Its about disco and the 70’s!  I remember going to see it a ton of times when I was in High School.
  9. Purple Rain – One word… Prince!
  10. Hustle & Flow – Seriously a fucking great movie!!!  So very raw.  Crazy as fuck!