You hear people say that they have NO regrets.  Don’t live life with regrets.  I thought about my life.  I thought about if I have any regrets.  To be honest… I do.  Here’s 10 regrets that I could think of…

  1. Nirvana – I regret not shooting more photos when I could have and NOT shooting any solo portraits of Kurt.  Ugh.
  2. Concerts – Went to so many great shows where I didn’t bring a camera!  I regret being lazy!
  3. Fear & Love – Early in life I was fearless and passionate.  I had my heart broken years ago and after that I fear took over.  I regret that I let it take control for so long.
  4. Moving to LA – the only regret I have with moving to LA was that I came here with $1500.00 dollars to my name and didn’t really know anyone.  Not very smart!  I regret not being better prepared, but it did work out.
  5. Directing – I started directing in 1991, but I wish that I started way earlier.  Like 10 years earlier!!!  I regret that I did not have the confidence to do it.
  6. Communication – when I was younger I was bad at communicating my feelings and my thoughts.  As I got older and went through therapy I learned how to communicate.  I regret I did not learn earlier!
  7. Pain – not physical pain, but emotional pain.  I carried it around for WAY too long!!!  I regret I let it stay with me for way too long!
  8. Therapy – I did therapy for over 6 years!  It was great, but NOT enough.  I regret not doing it longer!!!  Someday I will go back!
  9. Confidence – I was always self conscious and had low self esteem.  ALL my confidence was in my work/art.  I regret that I did not have confidence earlier, but at the same time everything happens for a reason.  Now I feel great about who I am and most of all what I’ve done.
  10. Love – I regret not being good enough for the love of my life.  Live and learn.