It’s been 6 years since I wrote this post.  Way back in 2014 I made this list.  Things have changed and I have changed.  Thought it was a good time to do it again.  Here’s 10 Things I Hate…

  1. Stupid People – Still and always!  Too many stupid people!
  2. Excuses – Fucking hate them!  STOP!
  3. Pandemics – This shit is fucking lame!
  4. Rude People – Manners cost nothing!  Use them!
  5. Waiting in Line – I’m always in a hurry.  Sorry.
  6. Annoying Neighbors – Stupid noisy neighbors suck!
  7. Bad Business – Be smart!  Get help!  Find a mentor.
  8. Back Pain – Still fucking annoying and lame.  Getting old sucks!  Ugh.
  9. Slow Drivers – Can you at least drive the fucking speed limit please.  Get the fuck out of my way!
  10. Everyone under 30 – Lazy, annoying, dumb and did I say annoying?!?!  Self centered brats!