YO!  Who has shot film?  What do you do to preserve your film history?  Do you scan your best shots?  I’m curious what your process is.  For the last 20+ years I’ve worked so hard to scan and organize my film shoots.  At first I started scanning the best of the best.  I began when digital started and my goal was to scan the best shots for safety.  It was a lot, but so worth it.

As time went on I started scanning what I call the “B+” shots.  What I discovered was I have a lot of great images I forgot about.  I call those my Hidden Gems.  Every time I pull a file from the past and look through the proof sheets, negs or chromes I find something special.  The memories come flooding back and I smile!  I can NOT believe that I’ve been shooting for over 50 years now.  

I will keep gong through my past shoots and scanning what I can.  It’s such a process, but I love it.  The history of my life in photos is never dull.  I just have to say my scanner is getting a serious workout.  I wish I had some help!  Any volunteers?