What’s the difference between a friend and an acquaintance?  For me you gotta earn the title friend.  There has to be history, hard work from both sides, support, understanding and most of all love.  I’m blessed to have so many GREAT friends.  SO many amazing people from ALL walks of life that I call FRIENDS!  

Lately I’ve been dealing with more drama than I like and some of it, my fault.  I always take the responsibility no matter what happens.  Life is ALL about communication and sometimes I’m not clear.  I will be better.  I know who I can count on and I know you can count on me.  I do my best always to be the better friend.  I just want my friends to do better as well.  Communication is everything!

An acquaintance is the majority of the people in your life.  Business and person.  We have lots of them.  They come in and out of your life.  Some stay around and then move on.  Some use you and then move on.  Some you don’t want around for every long.  No matter what there are plenty of acquaintances to go around.  

The best advice I can give is to have boundaries and make people earn your love.  Time and work will determine who is truly your friend.  Please protect yourself and do your best.  You need to do the work as much as they do.  SO get busy and do the work.