YO!  I’m sorry to do this today, but I gotta rant.  I gotta say some shit YO!  I gotta speak my observations.  I’ve been doing this photography game for a very long time.  Like a fucking long time.  I’ve done more than you know.  I’ve shot BIG stars, small stars and lots of wanna be stars.  I’ve even met lots of stars before they were stars.  

Today’s wanna be stars are more annoying than ever.  Famous for doing nothing and having zero talent, but they look good so that’s all that matters.  We live in a world of that’s become a popularity contest.  We live in the “LOOK AT ME!” world.  We live in a world that lacks soul, talent and substance.  YES, I sound like a cranky old man and I’m sorry, but this shit annoys me BIG time.

There has always been small minded short sited artists/talent since I started in the game, but now days it’s more than ever.  They also think they know everything about everything.  I give them advice and they don’t listen.  I’m old enough and have seen enough to know why some talent succeeds and most don’t.  Yet, todays talent thinks they know more than me cuz they’re popular.  UGH!  SHUT the fuck up and listen.  You don’t have to do what I say, just LISTEN.  Is that too much to ask?

Most talent these days is trying too hard and over compensate for the lack of real talent.  Girls are doing all they can to get attention.  You can’t tell the difference between porn stars and pop stars.  Bands are over compensating for lack of try musical talent by acting crazy (blood, goth, makeup, crazy).  I get it, I’m NOT their audience, but IF you want to make a career out of your passion… PLEASE add some talent, pour in lots of soul, with a dash of passion, mixed in with some hard fucking work!

LAST and always… these are my thoughts and observations.  I’m NO expert, but do know WHY some talent succeeds and most don’t… work ethic, audacious goals, passion, talent and most of all manners!  Please & thank you can go along way!!!  If you don’t treat people nice on your way to to the top, trust me they won’t be there on your way down to the bottom.  Keep perspective please and remember everything is temporary.  THANK YOU!!!