Way back in the day!  Like a long time ago when I was very young I got some great advice.  I was around 13/14 years old and I met this photographer who was nobody, but gave me the best advice I ever got.  He said… “The most important piece of equipment you own is your reputation!”.  This advice has stuck with me my whole life!

It rang loud then and even louder now.  I pass it onto everyone young creative I meet.  I let people know that how you work, treat people, do business and live your life matters.  How you make people feel matters.  How you help others matters.  Your reputation is the most important thing you will own, create & live with.  When I was young my reputation was pretty basic… he works too much, doesn’t pay his bills on time and is never satisfied.  Not much has changed, except for the fact now I talk more than ever and have an opinion on just about everything.  That comes from age!!!

To my young friends who don’t communicate, don’t work hard, think everything last forever and wait for shit to happen… wake up and grow up.  Right now people are watching you as you build your reputation.  Your reputation is being effected by your actions, your inaction, your words and your business sense.  I know you think the little things don’t matter, but they do.  They mean more than you know!  My simple advice… treat people/clients/talent/friends the way you want to be treated.  Actually… treat them better!!!