I hear YOU cuz I hear ALL my friends ALL the time.  “Chris WTF are you doing with ALL these websites?”.  What are they all about?  Why so many?  That’s what I hear at least once a week.  NO lie.  Here’s a simple breakdown…

CuffaroPhoto.com – My main site that covers everything me & my photography career.  Portfolios, blogs and more.

CuffaroHits.com – Everything for my Greatest Hits project!  This is where you can see everything… videos, trailers, stories, galleries and information related to my exhibitions & project.

CuffaroPlus.com – ALL my new work with new talent.  Here you can see what I’m up to NOW.  I love working with new talent!!!

Cuffaro50.com  This is NEW and where I’m celebrating my 50 Years of Photography.  I’m just getting started.  Stay tuned for some serious fun.  Digging deep in my vault.

ChrisCuffaro.com – This is my latest & greatest.  This is ALL about my directing work.  My future is in directing and I needed a place to share this work.

HeapsKeen.com – This is just for fun.  I’m using this site to share my fav shots from my trips to Australia my home away from home.  I love it there and I wanted to share this love with you.