I talk with a lot of photographers these days.  Some in person and some on social media.  I had an interesting conversation with a couple kids (Anyone under 40 is a kid to me).  Since they grew up on digital they approach shooting different than me.  They shoot and shoot and shoot!  Then go home to go over the photos and find the best ones.  They shoot a lot of photos!  They shoot more than I do that’s for sure.

Some call it “spray & pray”.  I call it lots of work that I don’t have time for.  Ugh.  Cuz I grew up on film and it was NOT cheap to shoot.  I think before I shoot.  I shoot with the image in my mind.  I get the shot and move on.  I DON’T spray and I DON’T pray!  I shoot what I want and need.  Then go home!

I do love digital cuz I can shoot more and it doesn’t cost as much.  I just don’t like having lots of post production work.  Who has time for that?  I hate sitting in front of my computer all day editing photos to find the best of the best.  I do it, but not a fan of it.  Ugh.