As the great YODA said… “Try not.  Do, or do not.  There is no try.”

This is another RANT for all you young musicians, photographers, creators and talented fucks!  I know yer young into your long career.  I know you have lots to learn, but I have some simple advice.  STOP trying so hard.  STOP trying to be something yer not.  STOP with the “look at me”!  STOP with “trying” to be cool.  If yer trying… yer NOT cool.

We live in a world today where everything is watered down and there’s too much of everything.  SO many musicians, pop stars, actors, celebrities, photographers, film makers and so on!  Everyone is so busy looking for attention they forgot about the art.  Almost everyone is trying to be something they are not!  Everyone is just looking for attention and instant gratification.  It’s annoying as fuck!

Anyone can take a great photo, write a hit song, act in a movie, direct a video and create these days.  The goal is to do for a lifetime, do it great and get paid yo!  Being true to yourself and your art is the key!  I know when yer young you’re figuring this shit out, but could you please stop trying so hard and just be you.  Let life & your art unfold.  Sometimes it’s best to not to try and just BE.  Live and learn!