I’ve written about this in the past many times.  I just gotta say it again!  There is too much music.  Like way too much fucking music.  75% of it is forgettable and shit.  The other 25% is hard to find cuz you have to go through the shitty 75% to get there.  Everyone is “making” music.  My question is simple… are you making money???

Music, like photography has become content.  Everything is content.  Music I feel has taken the biggest hit cuz everyone thinks they can make it.  That’s the big difference from back in the day.  Music is “made” today and NOT produced.  Back in the day, music was produced by very talented and creative producers.  Today it’s made on a laptop and dropped on Spotify and nobody cares.

To my musician friends… please don’t hate me.  This is only my opinion.  I just feel bad and sad for ALL artists.  There’s just too much.  Way too fucking much.  I worry more about the future and the economics for ALL artists.  For every successful musician, photographer or artist, there’s a million making so little it’s stupid.  Please have a back up plan and go easy.