We are living in the world of the unknown.  What is life gonna be like after the pandemic?  What will work be like?  I ask these questions everyday.  SO… What’s next?

  1. Safety first – Still think we will be wearing masks for a while.  Order yours now!  Load up baby!
  2. Slow and easy – I think we will slowly do everything from life to work.
  3. Breathe – still find time to meditate, relax and breathe.
  4. Healthy living – Taking care of our health is most important!  A strong immune system is key to everything!
  5. Work? – This will be interesting.  NO exhibitions for a while now.
  6. Photo shoots – This will be strange?  Masks?  Gloves?  Social distancing?  Will I need a telephoto lens?
  7. Hugs & kisses – I’m a big hugger and I love kisses.  I hope this comes back sooner than later.
  8. Travel – how much traveling will we do?  How much can we do?  What will I do?
  9. Support – Still gotta support our friends and family!
  10. Love over fear – I always choose love.  It’s simple… love more!