I like asking questions a lot.  What?  Who?  Who’s your favorite?  What is your favorite?  I was playing the game on Facebook recently asking lots of who/what questions.  Who’s your favorite this or that.  Who’s the best?  Who’s the worst?  What I love is how people answer.  They have difficulties answering just one.  As example… I might ask what’s your favorite George Michael song and everyone has a tough time naming one.  They get annoyed at me and name 5, 10 or more.

It makes me laugh.  The frustration from trying to choose one is too funny.  INXS fans are the same way.  I hope they know that I’m not gonna hold them to it and they can always change.  My answer is simple… my choice for the day or moment.  I can always change tomorrow.  Things change!

These are some of the dumb games I like to play with social media.  Makes me laugh how some people take it too serious.  I guess if they knew me they would know I’m just being a smart ass.  I just like to fuck around and have a laugh.  Please don’t take me too serious.